New environmental assessment platform developed by MEGAM project for Peru’s Ministry of Environment News

28 November, 2018

In August 2018, Peru’s Ministry of Environment, through its National Service for Environmental Certification (SENACE), launched an online platform which will modernise how it conducts environmental assessments and certifications. The platform was developed with the technical assistance of the MEGAM project, a project implemented by Cowater to help the Peruvian Government undertake environmental impact assessments for mining and energy projects.

The SENACE is now the first entity in Peru’s environmental sector to be ‘paperless’, and one of the first in the government to allow interoperability with other government agencies. The platform allows for the automated processing of numerous SENACE procedures; from submission of the initial environmental impact assessment through to project certification.

The platform allows the SENACE to be more autonomous, increases the rigour and analysis of its assessments and improves its transparency. It has helped streamline SENACE’s administrative activities and facilitated the exchange of information between different public entities systems involved in environment certification procedures. In addition, the platform ensures accountability for civilians and users as it provides legal security as well as timely access to public information.

The platform represents an effort to make environmental impact assessments and certifications transparent and accessible to a wider public. It is expected it will contribute to build trust among civil society, the private sector and the public sector.


Funded by Global Affairs Canada and implemented by Cowater, the Improving Environmental Management of Mining and Energy Activities in Peru (MEGAM) project intends to consolidate the leadership role of the Ministry of the Environment over environmental issues related to large mining and energy projects and strengthen the capacity of regional governments responsible for handling the environmental impact assessments of small and medium-scale mining projects.


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