Fruit Tree Productivity Program in Irrigated and Rain-fed Areas

Middle East and North Africa - Morocco

2008-2013 | MCC | CAD 46M

The Fruit Tree Productivity Programm (TC-1A and TC-1B) in Morocco was a five-year initative undertaken with the financial support of the Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC) in partenership with the Ministère de l’Agriculture et de la Pêche Maritime (MAPM). The initiative aimed to stimulate the sustainable growth of the agricultural sector in Morocco. The project interventions in irrigated and rain-fed areas included (1) implementing the first Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of this magnitude conducted in Morocco; (2) Supervising and conducting the rehabilitation of 65 small and medium hydraulic perimeters and 12 palm groves for irrigated fruit trees; (3) for rain-fed regions, managing the rehabilitation of 55,000 hectares of rain-fed fruit trees and the expansion of fruit tree production on an additional 120,000 ha. This programm led the way for further integration of environmental considerations in Moroccan policies and plans.

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