Program Management, Construction Supervision & Environmental Management of Rural Water & Sanitation Project

Sub-Saharan Africa - Lesotho

2009-2016 | MCC | USD 8.5M

Cowater implementated a seven-year initiative funded by the Government of the United States through the Millennium Challenge Corporation and managed by the Millennium Challenge Account in Lesotho. The objective of the project was to provide improved water and sanitation services to a target population of approximately 150,000 rural people across Lesotho’s ten districts. Over the course of the project expected results were exceeded and significant progress was made in increasing national water and sanitation coverage: 269 rural water systems (boreholes with hand pumps, solar powered pumping systems, gravity-fed spring catchment systems, and electric pumping systems) and over 36,322 ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrines were constructed in cooperation with the Department of Rural Water Supply (DRWS).The project also improved the capacity of local contractors and supported institutional strengthening of DRWS in the areas of environmental management, health & safety, gender, public health and hygiene awareness training.

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