Support Measure for Coordination, Visibility and Impact Assessment of the Tahdir Programme

Middle East and North Africa - Syria

2016-2020 | European Commission | EUR 0.77M

The Support Measure for Coordination, Visibility and Impact Assessment of the Tahdir Programme in Syria – commonly referred to as the Tahdir support project (TSP) – was implemented by Cowater International (formerly Transtec). As part of its efforts to facilitate a political transition and to contribute to a future democratic, pluralistic and inclusive Syria, Tahdir was composed of five main components addressing thematic areas relevant to the future of Syrians and facilitated by EU-based grantees in collaboration with networks of various Syrian partners. The project implemented by Cowater was introduced by the EU to support the overall programme by addressing issues in facilitating and coordination experience sharing, assessing programme impact, and ensuring visibility and communications.

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