Projects – Test

Find out about our most recent projects with this selection of completed and ongoing projects. 

  • Framework – Finance and Procurement Expertise for Enabel’s Interventions – Lot 1: Financial and Administrative Management Services

    Cowater International (formerly Transtec) is implementing this framework contract, providing ad-hoc expertise that supports: the financial and administrative management of a programme; procurement, contracts and logistics; fiduciary risk management, internal […]

  • Technical Assistance and Capacity Building to Yemen’s House of Representatives

    Under this technical assistance contract Cowater International (formerly Transtec) contributed to governance reform in Yemen, supporting and strengthening the roles and capacities of democratically elected institutions. The services provided by […]

  • Technical Assistance to Support Cities in Raising Revenues in Urban Development Project Cities

    The aim of the project was to support the efforts of four targeted flagship cities in the mobilization of own source revenues in increase municipal resources available and to extend […]

  • Promoting Girls’ Education in Mali (SCOFI)

    Cowater International’s Promoting Girls’ Education in Mali (SCOFI) Project is improving educational outcomes for adolescent girls (aged 13 to 15) in Mali, particularly in the central region of Ségou. The […]

  • Third Party Monitoring of Delivery of Community Engagement Activities in Recently Recovered Areas

    Cowater International (formerly Transtec) designed a responsive facility to deliver Third Party Monitoring services on behalf of the FCDO’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund’s Somalia Stabilisation Programme. The programme facilitated […]

  • Programme Evaluation Provider (PEP) for the Joint Peace Fund

    The Joint Peace Fund (JPF) was established by 11 international donors to support the national peace process in Myanmar. Under this long-term agreement, acting as independent Programme Evaluation Provider (PEP), […]

  • Strategic Evaluations of the European Union External Action – EVA 2020

    Cowater International (formerly Transtec) participates in this framework contract. It is carrying out, via individual assignments, strategic evaluations of EU external action activities, particularly in the field of international cooperation […]

  • Monitoring and Impact Assessment of the Emergency Job Creation Programme for the Private Sector in the Gaza Strip

    The Emergency Job Creation Programme for the Private Sector in the Gaza Strip aimed to restore development capacity and foster economic growth in four blockade-affected industrial sectors of the Gaza […]

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of a 6 Project Portfolio in the Sahel

    As part of the launch of the Sahel Alliance, AFD launched the first operational component composed of six fast-track projects and contracted Cowater International (formerly Transtec) to set up the […]