Samantha Torrance

Samantha Torrance PhD

Executive Vice President - Government and Economic Reform Division

Dr. Samantha Torrance has a PhD in Economics and over 10 years of experience advising developing country governments on all aspects of public financial management in sub-Saharan Africa and the Pacific. Establishing robust public financial management and accountability systems are crucial for sustainable economic development, as well as reducing aid dependence; whether focused on budgeting, expenditure or revenue generation, these government functions have an impact on public service delivery, encouraging private sector investment and improving infrastructure. Samantha has extensive experience in the design and implementation of technical assistance projects, with a particular expertise in revenue mobilisation and the operations and governance of revenue authorities. Prior to joining Cowater, Samantha was Head of Public Financial management at Adam Smith International; directing a substantial portfolio of projects most notably in East Africa and Somalia. Samantha provides senior management support and supervision to headquarters personnel, field team leaders and project managers in all aspects of public financial management and accountability:

  • Budget policy, planning, execution and monitoring
  • Expenditure management and tracking
  • Public procurement
  • Internal and external audit
  • Revenue mobilisation policy and administration
  • Fiscal frameworks for extractive industries
  • Automation of public finance systems
  • PFM reform at subnational levels of government

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